Project 2048: Day 139

Witness the experience of the Spring 2012 artists in residence Brad Bernhardt, Matilde Llambi Campbell and Lauren Smith. “5 3 5” are the number of months each of the artists has spent in San Francisco evolving in their interests and creating new work.

The gallery will be open on Friday evening May 25th at 7:00pm, but the OPENING RECEPTION will be on Saturday May 26th at 7:00pm at CELLspace Gallery, 2050 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA.

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Project 2048: Day 128

Today a group of adorable children came into the gallery and I showed them the traffic light lens on top of my sculpture. Their teacher explained to them that the light shining through the blue lens must have to be yellow if the light we see through the lens comes out green. Then the children noticed that my work reminded of them of how they were building with blocks earlier in the day. So cute!